CDA Practice Test #4 Child Development Associate (CDA) Credential Program

CDA Practice Test #4: will help you excel in the Child Development Associate (CDA) Credential Program with more practice questions and insights.  This practice test 4 is perfect for early childhood education professionals preparing for the CDA exam. We’ve carefully curated another set of relevant and challenging questions to test your knowledge and skills, making you more confident and prepared for the big day.

Besides the multiple-choice questions, CDA Practice Test 4 also offers detailed explanations for each question, enabling candidates to fully grasp the reasoning behind the correct responses. This feature aids in reinforcing learning and deepening candidates’ understanding of vital concepts and principles in early childhood education.

CDA Practice Test #4

Test NameCDA Credential Program
Total QuestionsCDA Practice Test #4 65 MCQS
Test ModeOnline CBT
Questions TypesMultiple Choice Questions
Exam Duration45 minutes
EligibilityCDA Credentials Eligibility Criteria
After the complicationCDA Career Opportunities
CDA Practice Test #3

CDA Practice Test #4
Total Items: 65
Time Limit: N/A
Question Type: Real Exam Test
Explanation: Available

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1) Susan works in the classroom next door to yours. She has a three year old girl in her class whose parents are going through a nasty divorce. During her break she stops in to your classroom to discuss the latest incident with the child's parents. You should:

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2) Which of the below activities will help promote phonological awareness?

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3) As children develop over the year, you should provide them opportunities to be successful by:

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4) Professional growth activities prepare educators with experiences for improving their work. A wide-variety of options for professional growth are available. Which is best described as "a voluntary, non-judgmental, and collaborative partnership between professionals for the purpose of professional growth"?

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5) Which of the below activities will help increase phonological awareness?

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6) Before nap, you notice a little boy in your classroom, Sam, feels warm. You take his temperature and you find he has a fever.

What should you do?

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7) A very large tree branch has fallen down on your playground after a recent storm. It is partially blocking the swings. You should:

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8) Which of the following statements best describes setting up your room and materials to anticipate developmental needs:

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9) Recently Owen's mother seems to be avoiding you. She used to say good morning and chat for a minute when dropping Owen off, but has recently just been saying good bye to him at the door and leaving. You are perplexed. What should you do?

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10) Current records on a child's health, safety and behavior should be maintained and shared appropriately. Which of the following is an inappropriate sharing for this information?

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11) As a professional, a caregiver participates in evaluations which will most likely include comments and suggestions from all but which of the following?

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12) When creating goals for a child, which of the following should you consider?

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13) Lan has spent a week planning an activity for her two- and three- year old learners. The children do not seem engaged in the activity and some have become taciturn or bored. What should Lan do?

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14) You have arranged your room for the school year and you love it! On the first day, you realize it’s difficult to see the children in the reading area because one of the bookshelves hides them. What should you do?

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15) To help children be creative, you should:

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16) Sally's mother tells you Sally has been crying about going to school for the past week and she's worried that something has happened to make Sally not like school. This is not usual behavior for Sally. You're not aware of anything that would cause her to feel that way. What should you tell Sally's mother?

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17) Steven is four years old and is going to kindergarten next year. He also has an IEP and is seen by a special education teacher once a week in your classroom. What is your role as it pertains to Steven's IEP goals?

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18) When creating your classroom schedule, you should be sure to plan for:

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19) Adam is playing with the toy drum and Matthew tries to take it from him, resulting in Adam hitting Matthew. Both boys are very upset.

What should you do?

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20) You are planning a unit on doctors and nurses. You have great books, games and art activities planned but feel you need a little more. Which of the following would be a really good way to engage the children in active learning?

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21) Maintaining confidentiality is a professional standard for all caregivers. Confidential information which should be protected includes all but which of the following?

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22) The Child Development Associate Credential (CDA) is based on which of the following qualifications?

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23) Which of the following is an example of a small motor activity:

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24) Which is the best strategy for helping toddlers (ages 18 months to 36 months) feel safe and secure in care?

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25) There are different types of CDE accreditations, each applicable in different situations. Which is NOT a recognized CDA endorsement?

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26) Which of the following would be found within Section C Competency Standard I of a professional CDA portfolio?

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27) During a preschool snack time, Carletta spilled her drink and Harold got wet. He pushed Carletta and said that she had done it on purpose. What should the teacher do in this situation?

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28) Your classroom teacher is doing a unit on safety and wants to have the children role play what to do if there is a lock down. Which of the following answers best describes this activity?

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29) You have three Spanish speaking students in your classroom. Their mothers want to come in and help the kids make homemade tortillas. Your theme this week is Zoo Animals and you're going to the zoo on Friday. You really don't have time for an extra activity. What should you do?

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30) Your classroom mom wants to have a Halloween party with a costume theme, but some of the mothers are unhappy because they have already bought costumes and don't want to buy another one just for the party. How can you help with this situation?

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31) Walking, running, jumping and skipping are examples of:

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32) When the children are on the playground on afternoon, Johnny slides down the slide before Steven has gotten off. Johnny hits Steven in the back and Steven, though not physically hurt, begins to cry. This is the first time Johnny has ever done this and he is visibly upset, too.

What should your response be to this situation?

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33) How can your library selections help your students develop a sense of self?

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34) Michael is three and is not interested in learning to use the toilet.

You should:

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35) How often should you observe your students' developmental and educational progress?

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36) Sally and Ann are the mothers of two of your students. They think Carol's son, also in your class, should be wearing a hat today because it’s so cold and tell you so. They indicate they can't believe Carol did not send a hat in for her son to wear. You should:

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37) Which of the following are examples of engaging children while reading:

I. Hold the book so all children can see the pictures.
II. Ask the children to predict what will happen in the book based on the cover.
III. Ask the children to be very quiet so you can read.
IV. Tell the children not to ask questions until the end of the story so they don't miss anything.

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38) Which of the following should be considered an unsafe toy for indoor classroom play:

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39) One of your students tells you he's driving with his family to South Carolina tomorrow and it’s a 12 hour car ride. What can you do to make this a teaching moment for him and his classmates?

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40) Charlie is a student in your class. His parents are going through a divorce and have been inconsistent when it comes to who is picking Charlie up after school. Sometimes it is his Mom or his Dad, but it has also been a neighbor or his Grandmother. Charlie is often uncertain who will be picking him up and it is causing him anxiety. What can you do to help Charlie ease his anxiety?

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41) Emergency contact information should:

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42) A parent of one of your students drives you crazy, nothing specific, you just don't like her. How should you best handle your feelings for her?

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43) One of the children in Nan's family home care practice has gotten lice. Nan doesn't want to unduly upset the other parents. After sending home all of her charges, she vacuums and washes everything that she can. What else should Nan do in this situation?

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44) You have a new child starting this week. What can you do to help lessen any anxiety the child (or his parents!) may have?

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45) Two year olds can typically:

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46) How can you incorporate gross motor activities and cultural diversity into one lesson?

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47) A child in your program shows signs of a developmental delay. His parents refuse to address the concerns your supervisor has brought to their attention. What should you do?

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48) You want to have a non-biased classroom. What can you add to your dramatic play area to help the children experiment with a variety of cultures, ethnicities and abilities?

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49) A curriculum which is culturally sensitive will be:

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50) A little boy in your class, Danny, tells you his dog died over the weekend. He is very sad and is having a tough time getting along with the other children today. What can you do to help Danny?

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51) It is time for reading circle. A visiting reader has come to read to the preschool class. Ben has been playing games on the computer for five of the ten minutes he is allowed and refuses to join the group until his time is up. What would be best practice in this situation?

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52) Maintaining professional relationships with other staff includes:

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53) You decide to have a Toy Store Center. Which of the below activities could the children do to help them experiment with the written word?

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54) You receive a phone call from the father of one of your three year old students. He is very concerned that his son is not 'as smart' as his older sister and that you, as his teacher, must fix this problem. He claims if you were a better teacher his son would be doing what his sister did when she was three.

How do you best address this parent's concerns?

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55) You notice one of your students is crying more often than she normally does. She seems tired and falls asleep before lunch. You suspect she's not getting enough sleep and decide to talk to the parents about your concerns. Which of the following would be the best way to approach this subject with the parents and still do your best to maintain a positive relationship with the parents?

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56) The children are telling you a great story of something that happened on the playground. You want to help them expand on their learning. Which of the below will best do that?

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57) How many adults should be in the classroom at any given time?

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58) During lunch, the children can learn to be independent and serve themselves. Which of the below should you encourage them to try?

I. Set the table
II. Pour their own milk
III. Serve themselves from platters
IV. Clear the table

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59) While on the playground, Sally fell off the slide and got a small cut on her knee. You cleaned it with soap and water and Sally continued to play outside. How should you advise her mother?

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60) You a planning a unit on "SNOW". Luckily, there is a lot of snow on the ground and the children are dying to play outside. How can you plan an outdoor lesson on the five senses during your "SNOW" week?

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61) In the infant/toddler room, Kari has the responsibility of keeping the four toddlers in the room safe, happy, and clean. This is difficult when the other infant room caregiver is late for work. Kari is responsible for attendance and hourly reports to her supervisors. She is afraid that she won't get these done and will be marked down. She puts all of the toddlers in high chairs while she completes her reports. Her co-worker has still not arrived. What would you suggest Kari do in this situation?

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A little girl in your class, Maria, breaks her arm and is in a cast. Many of your students are curious and some are even fearful of her cast.
What can you do to help the children in your classroom?

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63) A student of yours gets a new puppy over the weekend and is so excited she has been talking about it all day. At center time, she paints a picture of her puppy at the easel and calls you over to look at it. Which of the following actions on your part would BEST help her develop her language acquisition and writing skills?

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64) When it comes to culturally diverse materials, you should:

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65) You have a child in your school who is allergic to peanut butter so severely that she cannot even be in the same room with it. What should you do?

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