CDA Practice Test #1 (UPDATED-2024)

CDA Practice Test #1 (UPDATED-2024): This CDA Practice Test #1 is an online quiz designed to help you prepare for the Child Development Associate (CDA) exam. This practice test features a total of 65 multiple-choice questions, including 60 standard questions and 5 scenario-based questions, covering key topics related to child development, learning, and teaching strategies.

Each question is accompanied by an explanation of the correct answer, allowing you to review and deepen your understanding of the material. Although there is no time limit for this practice test, it is important to note that the actual CDA exam has a 45-minute time constraint. Practice Test #1 will help you gauge your readiness for the exam and identify areas that may require further study.

CDA Practice Test #1

Test NameCDA Credential Program
Total QuestionsCDA Practice Test #1 65 MCQS
Test ModeOnline CBT
Questions TypesMultiple Choice Questions
Exam Duration45 minutes
EligibilityCDA Credentials Eligibility Criteria
After the complicationCDA Career Opportunities

At the end of the quiz, your score will be generated, providing valuable feedback on your performance. You can restart the quiz any time for free, allowing you to practice and improve your knowledge.

CDA Practice Test #1

CDA Practice Test #1
Total Items: 65
Time Limit: N/A
Question Type: Real Exam Test
Explanation: Available

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1) Your pre-K class is getting ready to go to Kindergarten. What is a way you can help them prepare for this big change?

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2) Who in your center should know what to do in case a child is injured?

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3) You have been talking about Ocean Life in your classroom and have a movie about dolphins they can watch. One of the moms doesn't allow her son to watch television or movies.

What should you do?

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4) It’s the holiday season and you have a lot of great ideas for your classroom. You are starting to feel overwhelmed because there just isn’t enough time in the day to all the fun things you want to do.

Which of the following is the best way to handle this as outlined by your CDA competencies?

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5) Lan has been having trouble using scissors to cut out shapes from papers. Her peers are able to do this. Lan has lately refused to participate when scissors are part of an activity. What should her teachers do to help Lan with this skill?

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6) A child in your class, Sammy, falls during recess and gets a minor scrape. You give Sammy emotional support while cleaning and covering his wound. The other children are very concerned about Sammy and are asking a lot of questions.

You should:

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7) You plan a cooking activity called Ants on a Log. The children will make cover celery with cream cheese and add raisin "ants". You want to be sure you incorporate small motor opportunities in to this activity. What can you do?

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8) Clare is an early reader. At the age of three, she can read most of the picture books in Mariah's home care practice. During story times, Clare often asks to sit by herself and read. Mariah feels that Clare should participate with the group to develop interactions with text. In this situation, how would you advise Mariah?

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9) In order to avoid spreading germs, after you assist with toileting it is imperative you:

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10) Early childhood educators can advocate for excellence in the profession in all but which of the following ways?

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11) It is fall and your director wants you to do an outdoor unit that focuses on Fall Math. Which of the below would be a fun way to teach the children math concepts outside at this time of year?

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12) Michael is helping you clean up after snack. You ask him to put the napkins in the trash can but he chooses, instead, to try to carry the drink pitcher and spills apple juice all over the floor.

You should:

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13) Abbie is still crying in the morning when her mother drops her off. She calms down after a bit, but the transition is difficult for her.

What should you do to help her with her drop off anxiety?

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14) When it comes to the children's names, you should:

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15) Your first aid kit should be:

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16) Miss Tanya has posted her classroom rules, however the children don't seem to be following them. What could be a reason for the children not following the rules she has outlined?

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You teach the children a new dance. You put the music on and the children start to do the
dance you have shown them, but some of them are adding their own movements to the
dance. You should:

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18) ou center receives a large donation of toys from a local church. You and your coworker are asked to go through the toys and divide them between each of the three preschool classrooms.

The first thing you and your coworker should do is:

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19) Maria tells you her family will be celebrating Cinco de Mayo. She is very excited about this upcoming party. You could:

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Your school's playground has received a great new climbing structure with swings, a slide and a small rock wall. The kids are so excited to use it and are finding it hard to pay attention to the teacher's lesson.
You should:

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21) Of the following, what is a good example of creating a pleasant welcoming classroom?

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22) You have a book the children love. You find a publication of this book written in Spanish. Since several of your students speak Spanish as their first language, you decide to share it with your class.

You should not:

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23) Which of the below examples will help students begin to understand subject-specific vocabulary?

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24) A little boy in your class falls down and cries. He doesn't have a scratch but is very upset and wants a bandage.

You should:

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Zoe, a four-year-old girl in your class, has recently begun acting aggressively toward other children. Biting, kicking, and hitting have become daily occurrences. This is not like her and you are concerned.
What should you do?

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26) At the end of the day, a woman you've never met comes to your classroom to pick up Madelyn. Though you do not know her, Madelyn is very happy to see her and runs up for a hug. The woman is not on the contact list but states she is Madelyn's aunt and is there because the child's mother is running late.

You should:

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27) One of the parents gives you an exotic plant for the holidays. The first thing you should do is:

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28) When applying for CDA certification, the applicant must indicate that the required training has been completed. How many hours of training are required in an area of certification?

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29) Which of the following is not a commitment of the dedicated professional early child care educator?

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30) Using a warm voice, smiling often and being kind and patient with the children will:

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31) There are five stages of the CDA process: prepare, apply, demonstrate, earn, and renew. In order to prepare for CDA certification, the candidate must have:

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32) It’s a very cold day and your director has given you a space heater to use to warm up your classroom. It’s an older model and can get hot to the touch. She advises you to put it in the corner, out of the way.

This is:

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You share instruments from several different cultures with your students and they are very excited to try them.
Which two ways below would best expand on their learning?

I. Put the instruments out for the students to experiment with.
II. Put the instruments out again in a month or so.
III. Let the students make their own instruments with fun materials from their environment.
IV. Read a book on a trumpet.

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34) You want to encourage children to play together, what can you do to facilitate this?

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35) The children are really enjoying the science experiment you are doing with them but, according to your schedule, it’s time to clean up and read a book. Which of the following is your best action?

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36) A well designed curriculum for your students would include which of the following:

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A child in your classroom, Jimmy often exhibits behaviors that can be disruptive to the other students. You write notes home to help his mother monitor how his days go.
Today you are very frustrated with Jimmy's behaviors. Which of the following notes would be the best way to advise his mother of his day:

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38) Which of the following is an effective way for you to communicate with the parents of your students:

I. Call the parents every day
II. Send home a newsletter
III. Have a ‘mailbox’ for each child in your classroom
IV. Invite them in and share news at pick up time one day a week.

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39) Where is the best place to place books in your room when you are planning your classroom?

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40) To get CDA accreditation, the applicant must have:

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41) There is an outbreak of head lice in your classroom and you send home a notice to the parents to let them know what to look for and how to avoid contamination. An angry mom approaches you the next day because she feels a certain child is responsible for this outbreak. There are a few cases and you are not sure who had it first.

What should you tell her?

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42) You realize the importance of classroom rules. Who should create those rules?

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43) Mary is learning to write her name. She comes over and shows you what she has written. What she has written looks like scribble. What should you do?

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44) A well like teacher in your center is fired. Some of the students in your class had this teacher last year and the parents are asking you what happened.

You should:

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45) You are leading an activity that calls on the children to dance and sing. Some of the students are reluctant to join in. What should you do?

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46) Alisa comes to preschool every day and shares details from TV programs which you think are inappropriate for the other students to hear. You ask her what time she goes to bed and she says that she usually just falls asleep on the couch while watching TV. You have noticed that she is sleepy while the other students are still active. You want to discuss these issues with her parents at the next conference. Which of the following would be best practice?

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47) Steven is telling you a story and makes some grammatical errors.

You should:

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48) Frannie has not been to school in a week and her parents have not contacted the school to advise she will be out.

What should you do?

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49) Which of the following is the most widely recognized credential in Early Childhood Education?

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50) In which instance is the childcare provider not required to report to local or state agencies?

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51) You want to assure children have a positive meal time experience. What does that mean?

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52) At pick up time, two mothers start arguing outside your classroom door. One mother feels her child is being bullied by the other woman's child while at school. The conversation is getting heated and your students can now hear it.

What should you do to help in this situation?

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53) When observing your students, you should:

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54) Brianna's parents are concerned she is still wetting her pants every day. She is three and they do not want her wearing diapers.

How can you best show them you respect their concerns and are there to support them?

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55) In a full day program schedule, there should be AT LEAST how many minutes of Center/Free Choice time per day?

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56) Which of the following professional development practices is least likely to promote knowledge of new knowledge in the field of child care?

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57) You have two field trips a year, which you are a part of choosing and planning. For your fall trip, you have planned a trip to an orchard. Two of the mothers approach you and tell you they are not happy with this choice and want your class to go to the zoo. What should you do?

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58) When planning a curriculum for 3 year olds, it’s important to remember:

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59) You are observing a three year old in your classroom. Which of the following is an acceptable way to document what you've observed?

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60) Competency Statement III for CDA certification states that the educator is committed to supporting social and emotional development and to providing positive guidance. Which three functional areas are addressed in this standard?

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61) Nina, a student in Chad's home care practice, has a habit of whining when she wants something. You have discussed this with her parents, who tell you that she does the same thing at home and they don't know what to do about it. In this situation, what would be the best course of action?

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62) Which of the following would be a non-verbal and non-intrusive way to encourage the children in your class when they are making good choices?

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63) John is having a difficult day in his infant/toddler room. Several of the toddlers are more fractious than usual following the holiday weekend. John suspects that their parents were consistent about rest times during the break. After two toddlers getting into a ruckus over a toy, John pulls out a video and puts the toddlers down on mats in front of the screen. Some fall asleep and others watch quietly. What would be best practice in this situation?

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64) Which of the following is not an ethical responsibility of caregivers for children in care as detailed in the NAEYC Code of Ethical Conduct?

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65) When working with preschoolers who are toilet training, it’s important to:

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