CDA Credential Program Practice Test 2

CDA Credential Program Practice Test 2: Enhance your CDA exam preparation with our comprehensive and engaging practice test. Master key concepts, principles, and best practices in child growth and development. Try our free online quiz review questions and answers

Practice Test 2 is designed to gauge your knowledge of the six CDA competency standards, including maintaining a safe and healthy learning environment, supporting children’s social and emotional development, and more. There are 60 multiple-choice questions and you’ll have 90 minutes to complete the test. Remember, this practice test is just one of many resources to help you prepare for the real CDA Credential exam.

CDA Credential Program Practice Test 2

Test NameCDA Credential Program
Total QuestionsCDA Practice Test #1 65 MCQS
Test ModeOnline CBT
Questions TypesMultiple Choice Questions
Exam Duration45 minutes
EligibilityCDA Credentials Eligibility Criteria
After the complicationCDA Career Opportunities
CDA Practice Test #1

CDA Practice Test #2
Total Items: 65
Time Limit: N/A
Question Type: Real Exam Test
Explanation: Available

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1) The parents throw an end of the school party and everyone brings a dish to share. Which of the following foods might cause a choking hazard?

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2) It is nearing the time for your 4 years olds to be registered for Kindergarten. You have a student in your class who, though he will be old enough to attend kindergarten, you feel he would benefit from another year in Pre-Kindergarten so he can have a chance to further mature.

While you realize it is ultimately the decision of the parents, you should:

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3) Your preschoolers have a favorite book, one they ask you to read over and over. You decide it would be a great experience for them to put on a play based on the book. There will be songs and dancing and fun costumes and they will learn so much! You can't wait, until you realize how much work will have to go into making this play successful. It will take a lot of time and practice and you're going to need help with costumes and stage design. What can you do to provide this wonderful opportunity to your students?

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4) A child in your class has been scratching her scalp all day. You notice she has little white nits in her hair and have the school nurse take a look. Sure enough, its head lice. How should you advise the child's mother?

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5) How can you help your students become more independent during meal times?

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6) When planning programs for individual children, which of the following would be least likely to be included on the planning team?

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7) You want to create another opportunity for students to be exposed to the written word. You decide to record books on tape to allow the students to read along while the book is read to them. How can you record them to increase their pleasure in hearing the books read?

I. Use a variety of voices and accents while recording the story.
II. Play music in the background.
III. Only record one or two at a time so the students can listen to them over and over.
IV. Have the children's parents read the stories on tape.

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8) You want to help the children develop their comprehension skills, which of the below activities could be one of your lessons?

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9) You want to help the children develop their comprehension skills, which of the below activities could be one of your lessons?

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10) Which of the below is an example of verbally showing sensitivity to a child's feelings?

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11) There are six areas of competency for CDA accreditation. These include all but which of the following?

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12) What types of classroom assessments can you utilize to develop curriculum?

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13) In your community, there is very little diversity, however, you want children to begin to see there are a variety of people in the world. How can you do this?

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14) Two new students have arrived at Cameron's day care program. One jumped right into the program activities. The other has held back and often sits by herself. Her parents have told Cameron that Lucy is an outgoing child, but has no siblings and has not been in care before. What would you suggest to Cameron to get Lucy involved in program activities?

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15) A child in your class is wearing a sleeveless shirt and you can see a large dark bruise on her shoulder. You ask her what happened to her shoulder and she doesn't appear to want to answer you. Later you overhear her telling a friend her brother hit her. You should:

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16) You have a student in your class, Ben, who has an IEP for fine motor concerns. You have an art activity and Ben is having difficulty cutting the pieces. He is growing frustrated. What can you do to help Ben?

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17) Sitting at the table for meals and sitting on the floor while reading are two great ways you can:

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18) Where should cleaning supplies be stored?

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19) A parent arrives in the morning and tells you that her child has been up since four a.m. when a smoke alarm went off in their home. It was a false alarm, but the child was wideawake and couldn't get back to sleep. The mother asks that you keep her awake until the regular nap time so as not to upset their evening and night time routines. At about nine o'clock, the two-year-old starts nodding off. Nap time is after lunch. What should you do?

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20) According to the NAEYC Code of Ethical Conduct, which of the following is the primary responsibility of the caregiver?

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21) A candidate for endorsement by the CDA must prepare a professional portfolio. The portfolio should include various documents, a resource collection, six competency statements and a professional philosophy statement. Which best describes a professional philosophy statement?

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22) Tammy falls down while playing on the playground. She is crying and has a small scratch. The other children are very concerned about her.

What can you do to foster a sense of community with the children?

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23) A care giving agency must maintain confidentiality for information concerning the children and families which it serves. Which is the best practice which will help the agency maintain confidentiality when parents visit the program?

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24) A child in your class shares with you that her father hit her last night. You ask her a few simple questions, without probing, and it appears he spanked her for not eating her dinner. The child shows you where she was hit on the side of her leg and there don't appear to be bruises.

You should:

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25) Of the choices below, which is the best place to store your First Aid kit:

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26) Betty is a child who likes to get attention from her teachers. She will misbehave in order to get your attention and its causing many disruptions in your classroom. What should you do to help Betty become a better functioning citizen of your classroom?

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27) A three year old in your class uses profanity while playing in the block area with other students. Another student immediately tells you of this situation.

You should:

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28) One aspect of professionalism is maintaining open communication with parents and families. All of the following are examples of communication processes except:

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29) During drop off this morning, your classroom teacher is meeting with your director and you are alone in the room. As the parents are signing the children in, one mother asks you to step out into the hallway for a minute. You should:

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30) To limit the number of children who can participate in each learning center, you should:

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31) Your assistant is out today and there is no substitute. There are also a few students out so you are actually only one student over ratio.

What is the best way to handle this?

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You have sand in your water table and Jose doesn't want to put his hands in the sand. He seems uncertain about this texture.
You should:

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33) Which of the following is NOT an emotional or social developmental issue?

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34) You set up several centers around the room. When it is center time, you should:

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35) You have an open house and a potential parent asks you the goals of your program. You should:

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36) When children paint, beside developing their small motor skills, they are also developing their:

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37) Which of the following should a child be taught in preschool?

I. Full name (first, last)
II. Address
III. Phone number
IV. Closest police station

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38) An activity that provides opportunities for the children to sort and classify promotes _____________ development?

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39) Which of the following should you do on a weekly basis in your classroom to assure you prevent the spread of germs:

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40) A student in your class, Tommy, hit another student today while on the playground. Tommy wanted the tricycle and the other student did not want to share it with him. You fill out the appropriate incident reports and assure both students are fine.

When Tommy's mother picks him up, what should you tell her?

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41) You are going on a field trip with your 4 year old class to a nearby farm. You have sent home information on the trip and have invited parents to attend if they would like. Due to age restrictions for the trip, you have asked that no siblings attend with chaperones.

A few of the mothers are very angry that you will not allow them to bring their younger children.

What should you do in this situation?

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42) Typical three year olds can usually do which of the following:

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43) You know your classroom should be "language rich" - what does that mean to you?

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44) Which of the following activities will allow children to experiment with the written word?

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45) In the 4-5 class, Karl has been unsettled all morning, ignoring directions and refusing to participate in activities. He usually cooperates and has a cheerful attitude. Which of the following actions would be best practice in this situation?

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46) Caregivers should take advantage of opportunities in order to continue their growth as professionals. The caregiver should keep current with new laws and regulations which affect child care, children and families. Which of the following is least likely to serve this goal?

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47) Roberts’s parents only speak Spanish. What can you do to help communicate what he's doing in school every week?

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48) A caregiver is working with a group of children whose primary language is different from her own. As best practice, the caregiver might seek to do all but which of the following?

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49) Tommy's mom tells you he has hives and the doctor has given him a cream that must be applied after nap. She provides the doctor's note and instructions along with a bottle containing a portion of the cream that has been prescribed.

What is the first thing you should do?

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A child in your class is wearing shoes that are much too small and appear to hurt his feet when he walks.
How should you proceed?

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51) Carson runs a family child care practice from her home. Some children in her care often bring stuffed animals or blankets from home. The children like to keep these with them at nap time. Carson is afraid that the things from home might get lost or misused by the other children. In this situation, what would be your best advice for Carson?

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You and your classroom teacher find several preschool bookshelves in the storage area. You are very excited to use them in your classroom.
The first thing you should do is:

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Ben is having trouble sharing trucks today. Earlier he took a truck from another student and the student hit him. He is back in the block center and again is trying to take the trucks
from others in the play center.

53) Ben's teacher realizes he needs some guidance.

What should she do?

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54) For an educator, what does it mean to be a "life long learner"?

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55) Brian is a two year old in your class. Today he's had a rough day and after nap, he bit Cassie, another of your students, and left a mark. You write up the incident report as required by your school. You are also required to let both parents know what happened. How should you inform Cassie's parents?

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56) Which of the below is an example of "active exploration"?

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57) A child in your class is going through a rough time at home. You go out to dinner with friends after work. You share the child's story with your friends.

Which of the below is the best response:

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58) Your program serves breakfast and lunch every day. The policies and procedures handbook which is given to all parents and staff indicates students will wash their hands before each meal. Washing hands takes so much time with your class that you are often running late after breakfast. You should:

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59) It’s raining outdoors and gross motor time will have to be indoors today. Another teacher's class is in the Gross Motor room.

What can you do in your classroom to help the kids get rid of that excess energy?

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60) You have a field trip to the zoo coming up in two weeks and, for many of your students, this will be their first field trip and their first ride on a school bus. What can you do to prepare the children for this exciting - but potentially stressful - event?

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61) Sean, a three year old in your preschool class, recently broke his arm and is in a cast. The doctor has cleared Sean to return to school with only minor restrictions, however his mother is very concerned he will be further injured and has asked that you assure her he will not be bumped or pushed while at school and to keep him in for recess for the next 8 weeks.

You realize her requests will be a bit difficult to honor and will most likely upset Sean unnecessarily when he realizes he cannot play outside with his friends. How can you best navigate this situation?

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62) At the child care center in which you work, two teachers work in every room. Your coteacher often takes breaks to answer her cell phone or go down to the hall to get a snack. She often steps out without notifying you that she is leaving.

So far, nothing has happened while she is absent, but you are worried about being alone with the children. What should your first course of action be in this case?

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Michael and Ben are playing with the trucks in the block area. Ben takes a truck from Michael and Michael hits Ben with a block.
Ben and Michael are both crying.

63) The teacher, who is reading a book to several students in the library area, yells over to Ben to stop taking other children's toys.

What should she be sure to do in situations like this that she did not do this time?

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To help your parents feel connected and in touch with what is going on in your classroom,
you can do which of the following:

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65) Sally's mother approaches you and tells you she's unhappy with what you're teaching in class. While you plan the individual lessons for your class, the weekly themes are decided by your Director.

How should you handle the situation with Sally's mother?

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66) What is the benefit of playing the following game during a transition: "If your name starts with an A, you can line up."

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