EmSAT Exam 2024 Practice with Answer Keys

The Emirates Standardized Test (EmSAT) EmSAT Exam 2024 Practice with Answer Keys. We provide free EmSAT sample mock practice test questions and answers for subjects: English – Mathematics – Arabic – Physics – Biology – Chemistry – Computer science. You can also download EmSAT Exam Practice in PDF from EmSAT Exam Archive.

The UAE Ministry of Education announced the launch of a national standardized computer-based testing system called the Emirates Standardized Test (EmSAT). The EmSAT is considered the first national computer-based benchmarking test built to measure skills independently of curriculum for grades (1-4-6-8-10-12).

EmSAT Exam 2024 Practice with Answer Keys

EmSAT Practice Test 2024

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EmSAT Exam Questions Answers


The EmSAT was implemented in the academic year of 2016/2017 and initially cover English, Arabic, mathematics, and physics for twelfth-grade national students at public and private schools, regardless of the curriculum taught at these schools. Where expatriate students are concerned, the EmSAT applies only to public and private schools that are using the MOE English language curriculum. The English EmSAT test for twelfth-grade students will replace CEPA as an accredited admissions test at UAE universities.

A set of standardized electronic tests based on national standards for measuring and evaluating student performance in the UAE. EmSAT includes three major types of tests: Baseline Tests Advantage Tests Achieve Tests To meet undergraduate and graduate admissions requirements, candidates must attain a minimum result of 1550 on their EMSAT Achieve-English test.

The test is mandatory for all grade 12 students in UAE nationals and in all public and private schools. All UAE nationals and non-nationals wishing to complete their studies at a public or private university in the UAE are required to take the EmSAT as well.

EmSAT’s Benefits

  • Admission requirements for public universities and private colleges.
  • Admission requirements for military colleges and national service
  • Admission requirement for Scholarships outside of the country.
  • An alternative to «TOEFL» and «IELTS» tests for Grade 12 students

Required Subjects of EmSAT

  • Arabic
  • English
  • Math
  • Physics

EmSAT Exam

A Standardized Electronic Test to assess candidates’ skills and knowledge in targeted subjects: English – Mathematics – Arabic – Physics – Biology – Chemistry – Computer science based on institutional requirements. There is no failing score for the test, but it is a measure of skills.

The number of subjects required to take the test is 5 basic subjects including chemistry for advanced track students only • Exams are conducted at specific and approved test centers, that are distributed across UAE.

Test SubjectsTotal QuestionsTime Limit (minutes)
Computer Science
Java C ++ Python

Check Updates: https://emsat.moe.gov.ae/emsat/EmSAT_achieve_en.aspx