EmSAT English Vocabulary Practice Test Questions Answers

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EmSAT English Vocabulary Practice Test

Test NameEmSAT Practice Test 2024
Test SubjectEmSAT English Practice Test
Test Sub-SectionVocabulary
Question TypeMCQs
Total MCQs40
Answer Keys
Time Limit

1. All actors need to be ________ to be successful.

  • A. older
  • B. impatient
  • C. popular
  • D. pink
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 Answer: C

Being successful as an actor requires some popularity. Although the features described in the other options are often present, they are not essential for success.

2. The father cut the chicken into four _______ pieces for his four children.

  • A. immediate
  • B. political
  • C. public
  • D. equal
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 Answer: D

The meaning of the sentence is that the father was providing food for all four of his children; there is no indication that the division had to be quick, or in front of an audience or involve any form of politics.

3. There is a woman talking ________ on her phone whilst on the train.

  • A. heavily
  • B. loudly
  • C. strongly
  • D. weakly
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 Answer: B

The question describes a common situation of a person speaking loudly on a train. “Strongly” and “heavily” are not usually used to describe talking. It is more usual to say talking quietly than talking weakly.

4. I cannot buy this ring because it is very ________.

  • A. available
  • B. expensive
  • C. cheap
  • D. clean
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 Answer: B

Being available, cheap or clean would not prevent buying. However, an expensive ring might be too costly to buy.

5. My boss is very difficult to work with because he has an unusual ________.

  • A. person
  • B. personally
  • C. personality
  • D. personal
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 Answer: C

The meaning of the sentence is that the boss has natural behavior that is very difficult to be with; in addition, “unusual” needs to be followed by a noun in this context. There is no indication that the boss owns a person! – so option (A) can be excluded..

6. The ________ from the government show that 25% of people will get cancer.

  • A. stressor
  • B. informatics
  • C. informing
  • D. statistics
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 Answer: D

The sentence implies that the data from the government indicate that 25% of people will get cancer. Published statistics usually refer to data.

7. Before going to school you must check your appearance to ensure that you look ________.

  • A. lucky
  • B. fortunate
  • C. relevant
  • D. smart
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 Answer: D

The sentence requires a word that refers to appearance – only smart can refer to appearance and means neat.

8. When competitive athletes train, they try to achieve ________.

  • A. perfection
  • B. inspection
  • C. conduction
  • D. convection
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 Answer: A

Athletes work hard to be the best at their sport. They would like to achieve perfection. Inspection, conduction and
convection have no relation to athletes’ ambitions

9. Students who are very visual like to learn from ________.

  • A. diagrammatic
  • B. pictures
  • C. pictors
  • D. imaginations
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 Answer: B

Visual learners learn from pictures or diagrams (not diagrammatic which is an adjective). Pictors is not a real word and imaginations are not visual to everybody.

10. I love Dubai because it is the most _________ city in the world, especially at night.

  • A. windy
  • B. beautiful
  • C. quiet
  • D. dusty
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 Answer: B

11. I am sorry to bother you but I have _________ my room keys in my car.

  • A. kept
  • B. opened
  • C. carried
  • D. left
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 Answer: D

12. National Independence Day is an __________ event.

  • A. yearly
  • B. regular
  • C. annual
  • D. occasional
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 Answer: C

The meaning of this sentence is that National Independence Day occurs every year. Both “annual” and “yearly” mean every year. However, the previous word is “an” and this requires the answer to begin with a vowel – so annual is the correct answer.

13. Mohammed is a hardworking employee who tries hard to _________ all his duties.

  • A. compute
  • B. compare
  • C. commute
  • D. complete
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 Answer: D

The meaning of this sentence is that Mohammed tries to finish his duties. Only “complete” has same meaning as finish.

14. Sadly, no passengers ________ the high-speed bus crash.

  • A. surrounded
  • B. surveyed
  • C. survived
  • D. surprised
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 Answer: C

the meaning of the sentence is that all the passengers were killed in the high-speed bus crash. So, they could not have survived the crash. Surveyed means examined. If the passengers were dead then they could not have surrounded the crash. A bus crash cannot be surprised because it is inanimate.

15. Jane’s poor marks in her final exams _______ that she had not studied well.

  • A. indicated
  • B. discussed
  • C. implicated
  • D. dedicated
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 Answer: A

16. My job as nanny is to _________ for the children until the parents return.

  • A. care
  • B. dare
  • C. bear
  • D. fare
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 Answer: A

17. He wisely ________ 100,000 AED before the share price went up.

  • A. rested
  • B. tested
  • C. digested
  • D. invested
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 Answer: D

18. He won the Olympic gold medal by swimming _________ than everyone else in his 100m freestyle race.

  • A. bigger
  • B. slower
  • C. taller
  • D. faster
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 Answer: D

19. I twisted my ankle last week but it still ________ today.

  • A. breaks
  • B. pains
  • C. hurts
  • D. tenders
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 Answer: C

20. I need some fresh oranges today so I will have to go to the __________.

  • A. butcher
  • B. greengrocer
  • C. baker
  • D. tailor
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 Answer: B

The greengrocer sells fresh fruit and vegetables. The butcher sells meat, the baker sells bread and cakes (pastries/baked goods) and the tailor makes and mends clothes.

21. What do you usually have for breakfast? ________.

  • A. Seared
  • B. Serial
  • C. Series
  • D. Cereal
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 Answer: D

The answer options for this question all sound similar – however, it is their spelling and meaning that lead the reader to the correct answer. “Seared” means burnt, “serial” and “series” can both be used to refer to weekly television dramas and “series” can also be used to mean the opposite of parallel. Only “cereal” is a food that is most often eaten during the first meal of the day.

22. I can’t remember the name for a three-sided shape. Is it a ________?

  • A. Rectangle
  • B. Square
  • C. Triangle
  • D. Circle
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 Answer: C

as part of the preparation for the EmSAT the reader would be wise to revise the vocabulary of simple shapes (cylinder, cone, cube, sphere) as these are easy questions to ask in an exam. A three-sided shape is a triangle. Rectangles and squares are four sided shapes. A circle does not have three sides!

23. The inside of a watermelon is a _____ color.

  • A. purple
  • B. mauve
  • C. red
  • D. orange
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 Answer: C

Students taking the EmSAT will be expected to know the common colors and typical objects that are each color (for example grass is green, writing paper is white and the sun is usually yellow). Inside a ripe watermelon is red. A ripe orange is orange! Mauve is a light purple.

24. He does not eat animals so he is a _________.

  • A. omnivore
  • B. dietitian
  • C. vegetarian
  • D. butcher
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 Answer: C

25. Artists are generally good at ________.

  • A. drinking
  • B. drawing
  • C. writing
  • D. speaking
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 Answer: B

Artists create pictures and this means that artists are usually good at drawing. Drinking, writing and speaking are general skills that most people possess. They are not directly related to artists.

26. Because I ran all the way home, I was ________ when I arrived.

  • A. cold
  • B. breathless
  • C. dry
  • D. painless
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 Answer: B

This scenario requires the reader to select the best answer. If the person ran all the way home, they are likely to be hot, sweaty and breathless. Depending on the physical fitness of this person they may also be in pain.

27. My favorite sport is swimming; I have to wear swimming _______ when I am training.

  • A. racquets
  • B. trunks
  • C. glasses
  • D. skirts
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 Answer: B

The reader is advised to review the names of the clothing used in popular sports. For swimming, female clothing is often called a bathing suit, whereas male clothes are called swimming trunks

28. I am sixteen years old so I am a _________.

  • A. pensioner
  • B. child
  • C. teenager
  • D. adult
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 Answer: C

Young people of age thirteen, fourteen, fifteen, sixteen, seventeen, eighteen and nineteen (13-19) are frequently referred to as teenagers.

29. My father’s father is my _________.

  • A. grandmother
  • B. grandfather
  • C. uncle
  • D. aunt
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 Answer: B

Your grandfather is your father’s father (or your mother’s father) and so is the correct answer to this question.

30. I have been singing since I was 11 years old. Recently, I joined a group of musicians to form a ________.

  • A. drum
  • B. violin
  • C. band
  • D. choir
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 Answer: C

I have been singing since I was 11 years old. Recently, I joined a group of musicians to form a band. The informal name for a popular group of musicians (with or without a singer) is called a band. A drum is the hollow musical instrument that you must hit to create sound. The violin is a string instrument that is usually placed on the musician’s shoulder to play. A choir is a group of just singers who perform together.

31. When I am happy my face shows a ______.

  • A. tear
  • B. frown
  • C. smile
  • D. grimace
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 Answer: C

32. The weather here is always warm and dry, however in England it _____ a lot.

  • A. sleet
  • B. rains
  • C. windy
  • D. sunnies
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 Answer: B

33. I really enjoy seeing films in the cinema so I go there _______.

  • A. often
  • B. rarely
  • C. never
  • D. occasionally
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 Answer: A

Often is a word that describes frequency and it has a meaning similar to frequently. So, the correct answer is “often”. Rarely means seldom (or not often). “Occasionally” means sometimes. “Never” means not ever or not at all.

34. I have had the flu for a week and my throat is sore from all the ________.

  • A. coughing
  • B. sneezing
  • C. hiccupping
  • D. blinking
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 Answer: A

35. She was in a hurry to get home so she _____ instead of walking.

  • A. ran
  • B. walked
  • C. crawled
  • D. hopped
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 Answer: A

The question indicates that the woman was moving faster than walking; running is the only form of movement that will be faster than walking. So “ran” is the correct answer. “Crawling” is how very young babies move. “Hopping” is a type of movement that involves jumping using just one leg

36. The last time I had toothache I had to visit my ________.

  • A. waiter
  • B. dentist
  • C. podiatrist
  • D. waitress
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 Answer: B

The EmSAT candidate is advised to learn the English names of the common jobs (occupations). A dentist fixes teeth and would be visited if you had a toothache. A waiter is a male who serves you food in a restaurant and a waitress is a female waiter. A podiatrist is a doctor for the feet.

37. I like jewelry and my favorite types contain precious stones. So, I prefer _______.

  • A. gold necklaces
  • B. diamond brooches
  • C. silver pens
  • D. silver earrings
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 Answer: B

A brooch is an ornament attached to clothing with a hinged pin and a diamond is precious stone that was created from carbon. Diamond brooch is the correct answer. A necklace is a piece of jewelry that is worn around the neck. Earrings are jewelry worn on the ears. Pens are writing tools that produce ink to mark paper.

38. As the basketball game finished the spectators ran onto the _______ to hug their favorite players.

  • A. lawn
  • B. pitch
  • C. court
  • D. field
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 Answer: C

Football (soccer) is played on a pitch whereas tennis and basketball are played on courts. A lawn is an area of short, mown grass in a yard, garden, or park (often in front of a house). American football is played on a field

39. The fire in the hospital last week left it needing _______ repairs.

  • A. fiction
  • B. extensive
  • C. southern
  • D. sick
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 Answer: B

The fire damaged the hospital so much that it needed a lot of repairs. Only “extensive” has a similar meaning to a lot of and is the correct answer.

40. It isn’t sensible or ________ to fly to New York and back in two days.

  • A. partial
  • B. portable
  • C. precise
  • D. practica
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 Answer: D

“Practical” means realistic and the question indicates that it is not realistic to fly to and from New York in two days.

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