ServSafe Manager PreTest Questions Answers 2024

ServSafe Manager PreTest Questions Answers 2024: It is important to note that the ServSafe Manager PreTest is not only beneficial for individuals but also for the food service establishments they work for.

By having a staff that is knowledgeable about food safety and sanitation, food service establishments can reduce the risk of foodborne illnesses and increase consumer confidence in their products. This can result in increased business and a better reputation in the industry.

Additionally, passing the Food Manager Course can also provide individuals with a competitive advantage in the job market. Employers are increasingly seeking individuals with a solid understanding of food safety and sanitation, and having a ServSafe certificate can set a job candidate apart from others in the field.

ServSafe Manager PreTest 2024

In conclusion, the ServSafe Manager PreTest is a critical component in ensuring that food service establishments maintain high standards of food safety and sanitation. By preparing for the test and demonstrating their knowledge, individuals can demonstrate their commitment to food safety and increase their competitiveness in the job market.

Test Your Knowledge

ServSafe Manager Practice Test
Total Items: 40
Time Limit: N/A
Answer Keys: Yes

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1) How high should floor-mounted equipment be from the floor?

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2) What is the best way to eliminate pests that have entered the operation?

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3) A handwashing station should have a garbage container, hot and cold water, signage, a way to dry hands, and

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4) What step must managers take after creating a master cleaning schedule and training staff to use it?

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5) What is a cross-connection?

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6) Outdoor garbage containers must be

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7) To make sure that the chemical sanitizer being used on a food-prep surface is at the correct strength,

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8) What is the definition of sanitizing?

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9) Which does not require sanitizing?

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10) When pouring sanitizer from its original container into a spray bottle, the spray bottle must be labeled with the

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11) Which food item may be handled with bare hands?

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12) When preparing to wash dishes in a three-compartment sink, what is the first task?

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13) Which action could contaminate food at a self-service area?

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14) Which of these operations is never allowed to hold TCS food without temperature control?

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15) A catering employee removed a 135°F (57°C) tray of lasagna from hot-holding for service in a hotel conference room at 11:00 am. By what time must the lasagna be thrown out?

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16) Wheezing and hives are symptoms of

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17) Peanuts and soy products are two possible food items that can be dangerous for people with

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18) Using one set of cutting boards for raw poultry and another set of cutting boards for ready-to-eat food reduces the risk of

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19) What is one factor that affects the growth of bacteria in food?

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20) Raw or undercooked dishes made for high-risk populations must use eggs that have been

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21) A customer having an allergic reaction may show which symptom?

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22) An example of TCS food is

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23) What is the intended use for a hand antiseptic?

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24) A hose connected to a running faucet that is left submerged in a bucket is an example of a(n)

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25) When using a bottom-to-top shelving order, what determines the best placement of food in a cooler?

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26) A backup of raw sewage has occurred in the kitchen. What should happen next?

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27) Who should apply pesticides in an operation?

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28) What is the only jewelry that may be worn on the hands or arms while handling food?

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29) To learn a new skill, learners must be given the opportunity to

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30) What type of container should be used to transport TCS food from the place of preparation to the place of service?

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31) Peanuts and soy products are dangerous for people with what condition?

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32) At what internal temperature should raw meat, poultry, and seafood be stored?

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33) What should be used to dry hands after washing them?

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34) Using one set of cutting boards for raw TCS food and another set of cutting boards for ready-to-eat food reduces the risk of

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35) Most regulations for foodservice operations are written at what level?

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36) What is a form some bacteria take to keep from dying when they do not have enough food?

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37) What is the temperature range of the temperature danger zone?

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38) The risk of physical contamination can be reduced by

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39) In a heat-sanitizing dishwashing machine, what is the minimum temperature for the final rinse?

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40) A foodhandler must be excluded from the operation for which symptom?

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