Serving It Right Course BC 2024 [UPDATED]

Serving It Right (SIR) is a program designed to promote responsible alcohol service in British Columbia, Canada. It is a mandatory certification for all individuals who serve, sell, or provide alcohol in any licensed establishment in the province.

The primary goal of Serving It Right is to prevent the sale or service of alcohol to minors or individuals who are already intoxicated. By doing so, it aims to reduce the negative social and health impacts associated with alcohol abuse.

Serving It Right Course BC

To obtain a Serving It Right certification, individuals must complete a training course that covers a variety of topics related to responsible alcohol service. These topics include the effects of alcohol on the body, strategies for preventing over-consumption, and legal requirements for serving alcohol.

The training is available online and can be completed at the individual’s own pace. Once the training is completed, the individual must pass a final exam to receive their certification.

The benefits of being Serving It Right certified are numerous. For individuals, it can lead to increased job opportunities and better job security. For establishments, it can help to reduce the risk of fines or legal action resulting from the service of alcohol to minors or intoxicated individuals.

In addition, the program has a positive impact on the community as a whole by promoting responsible alcohol service and reducing the negative effects of alcohol abuse.

It is important to note that Serving It Right is not just a certification program, but a way of promoting responsible alcohol service. Individuals who complete the training should continue to apply the principles they have learned in their everyday work, and establishments should have ongoing training and policies in place to ensure that responsible alcohol service is consistently maintained.

Course Content

The Serving It Right course content covers a range of topics related to responsible alcohol service. Some of the key areas covered in the course include:

  1. Effects of alcohol on the body: This section covers the physiological effects of alcohol on the body, including the impact of different types of alcohol, how alcohol is metabolized, and the potential risks and dangers of overconsumption.
  2. Responsible alcohol service: This section covers best practices for responsible alcohol service, including strategies for preventing over-consumption, identifying intoxicated customers, and managing difficult situations.
  3. Legal requirements: This section covers the legal requirements for serving alcohol in British Columbia, including the minimum age for alcohol consumption, the rules for serving alcohol in licensed establishments, and the potential consequences of breaking the law.
  4. Duty of care: This section covers the concept of duty of care, which refers to the legal responsibility of individuals and establishments to ensure the safety and well-being of customers. This includes topics such as how to recognize signs of intoxication, how to handle difficult customers, and how to prevent alcohol-related incidents.
  5. Communication skills: This section covers effective communication strategies for interacting with customers, including how to de-escalate tense situations, how to address customer concerns, and how to promote responsible alcohol service.

The course also includes interactive quizzes and scenarios to help reinforce key concepts and ensure that individuals have a thorough understanding of the material. Overall, the Serving It Right course provides a comprehensive and practical approach to responsible alcohol service that is essential for anyone working in a licensed establishment in British Columbia.

Who Is Required To Obtain A Serving It Right (SIR) Certificate When Working At A Restaurant?

In British Columbia, Canada, the Serving It Right (SIR) program is a mandatory certification program for individuals who serve alcohol in licensed establishments, including restaurants, bars, and pubs. Under the British Columbia Liquor Control and Licensing Act, anyone who works in a licensed establishment and is involved in the sale or service of alcohol to the public is required to have a valid SIR certificate.

This includes servers, bartenders, and managers who are responsible for supervising the sale and service of alcohol. The SIR program is designed to provide training and education on responsible alcohol service, including strategies for preventing over-consumption, dealing with difficult customers, and identifying signs of intoxication.