GED Math Practice Test 2024-2025

Free GED Math Practice Test 2024-2025: You can also check our GED Practice Test 2024 [Full-Length Test]. This GED® Mathematical Reasoning test can improve your General Educational Development test prep. In addition, you can also download the GED Math Practice Test worksheet with printable PDF for free.

GED Math Practice Test is intended to give you an idea of the topics you need to study to pass the GED® Mathematical Reasoning test. Try to work on every problem, in a quiet area and with enough time so that you are free from distractions. The usual time allotted for the test is 115 minutes, but it is more important to be sure you get a chance to think about every problem than it is to finish ahead of time.

If you’ve been taking a GED preparation course, your teacher may take care of registration for you, but check to make sure this is the case.

GED Math Practice Test 2024-25


GED Math Practice Test

General Educational Development
Test Subject:  Mathematical Reasoning
Test Type: Sample Questions and Answers
Total Questions: 50
Time Duration: N/A

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1) On 5 successive days a deliveryman listed his mileage as follows: 135, 162, 98, 117, 216. If his truck averages 14 miles for each gallon of gas used, how many gallons of gas did he use during these 5 days?

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2) If AB = AC and m ∠A = 100°, what is the measure of ∠B in degrees?

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3) Parking meters in Springfield read: “12 minutes for 5¢. Maximum deposit 50¢.” What is the maximum time, in hours, that a driver may be legally parked at one of these meters?

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4) The Clothing Zone had a special sale on shirts. One style sold at $20 per shirt, and another group sold at $25 per shirt. If 432 shirts were sold at $20 and 368 shirts were sold at $25 each, the number of dollars taken in at the shirt sale may be represented as

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5) A hockey team won X games, lost Y games, and tied Z games. What fractional part of the games played were won?

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6) One-half the students at Madison High School walk to school. One-fourth of the rest go to school by bicycle. What part of the school population travels by some other means?

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7) Mr. Denby planned to build a house on the plot of ground shown. What is the area, in square feet, of this plot of ground?

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8) The square root of 30 is between which of the following pairs of numbers?

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The radius of circle A measures 20 inches, and the radius of circle B measures 8 inches. If CD = 6 inches, find AB, in inches.

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10) The graph of a square is shown on the grid below.

What point is the location of the center of the square? Mark your answer from the drop down below.

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11) A woman buys n pounds of sugar at c cents a pound. She gives the clerk a $10 bill. The change she receives, in cents, is

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12) If x = 10, each of the following is true EXCEPT

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13) What is the value of x?

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If AB = AC, \overline{\rm AD} \overline{\rm BC} , and m∠B = 68°, what is the value of x ?

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15) There were three candidates at a school board election. Mrs. Clay received twice as many votes as Mr. Dunn, and Mr. Arnold received 66 votes more than Mr. Dunn. How many votes did Mrs. Clay receive?

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16) A box is in the form of a rectangular solid with a square base of side x units in length and a height of 8 units. The volume of the box is 392 cubic units. Which of the following equations may be used to find the value of x?


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The graph shows the growth in population in Lincoln County between the years 1999 and 2007.

The amount of population growth in Lincoln County between 1999 and 2000 was the same as which of the following?

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The graph shows the growth in population in Lincoln County between the years 1999 and 2007.

What was the population of Lincoln County in the year 2004?

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19) Mrs. Garvin buys a bolt of cloth 22 feet 4 inches in length. She cuts the bolt into four equal pieces to make drapes. What is the length of each piece?

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21) Kwan’s recipe for lemonade requires 8 ounces of lemon juice for every quart of water used. To prepare for a large party, he uses 4 gallons of water. How much lemon juice is needed?

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22) Mr. Martin earns $12 per hour. One week Mr. Martin worked 42 hours; the following week he worked 37 hours. Which of the following indicates the number of dollars Mr. Martin earned for the 2 weeks?

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23) If 1 pencil costs y cents, then 6 pencils will cost, in cents,

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The graph shows receipts and expenses for the years indicated. The receipts are designated by shaded bars and the expenses by striped bars. The year in which receipts exceeded expenses by $100,000 was


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25) The graph shows the lengths of some famous rivers correct to the nearest hundred miles. Which one of the following statements is correct?

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26) In a basketball game Bill scored three times as many points as Jim. Together they scored 56 points. How many points did Bill score?

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27) What is the slope of the line that passes through point A (2,1) and point B (4,7)?

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28) The ratio of men to women at a professional meeting was 9:2. If there were 12 women at the meeting. Which equation could be used to find the number of men at the meeting?

\frac{12}{x} = \frac{9}{2}

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29) Given the equation x² – x – 12 = 0, which of the following give(s) a complete solution of the equation?

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30) Mr. Ames bought a bond for $10,000. The bond yields interest at 8 \frac{1}{2} % annually. If the interest is paid every 6 months, how much is each interest payment in dollars?

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31) John weighed 192 pounds. His doctor put him on a diet, which enabled him to lose at least 4 pounds per month. What was John’s exact weight after 6 months on the diet?

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32) The dimensions of the hallway below are 6.5 ft. and 7.2 ft. If the area is to be covered with carpet at $2.10 per square foot, how much would carpeting for the hallway cost?

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33) If \overline{\rm BF} bisects ∠ACB, \overline{\rm CD} bisects ∠ACB, m∠ACB=68° and m∠ACB=72°, then m∠BEC =?

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34) A hiker walks 12 miles due north. Then he turns and walks 16 miles due east. At this point, how many miles is the hiker from his starting point?

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35) This circle graph shows how 180,000 wage earners in a certain city earned their livings during a given period.

The number of persons engaged in transportation in the city during this period was?

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36) What is the value of 3ab – x2y if a = 4, b = 5, y = 3, and x = 2?

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37) The distance between two heavenly bodies is 85,000,000,000 miles. This number, written in scientific notation, is

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38) If an airplane completes its flight of 1,364 miles in 5 hours and 30 minutes, what is its average speed, in miles per hour?

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39) In which of the following lists are the numbers written in order from greatest to smallest?

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40) The Men’s Shop advertised a spring sale, including the following sale items.

ties: 3 for $42
shirts: 3 for $60
slacks: $32.75 per pair
jackets: $158.45 each

What is the price of 6 ties, 3 shirts, 2 pairs of slacks, and 1 jacket?

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41) Kirsten wants to purchase a pair of car speakers. The list above indicates prices for each pair, not including the 1/3 discount. If she buys the 40-watt speakers at the discounted price and has them installed, what will her total bill be, including 8% sales tax?

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42) What is the perimeter of the figure?

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43) The scale on a map is 1 inch = 150 miles. The cities of Benton and Dover are 3 \frac{1}{2} inches apart on this map. What is the actual distance, in miles, between Benton and Dover? Mark your answer in the box below

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44) Lee brings a bucket to soccer practice and fills it halfway with water. Approximately how many gallons does it hold?

1 cu. in. = .0043 gallon

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45) The leaders in the Peninsula Golf Tournament finished with scores of 272, 284, 287, 274, 275, 283, 278, 276, and 281. What is the median of these scores?

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46) A purse contains 6 nickels, 5 dimes, and 8 quarters. If one coin is drawn at random from the purse, what is the probability that the coin drawn is a dime?


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47) The enrollment of a college is distributed as follows:

360 freshmen
300 sophomores
280 juniors
260 seniors

The freshman class makes up what percent of the total enrollment?

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48) A flagpole casts a shadow 16 feet long. At the same time, a pole 9 feet high casts a shadow 6 feet long. What is the height, in feet, of the flagpole?

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49) An aquarium is in the form of a rectangular solid. The aquarium is 3 feet long, 1 foot 8 inches wide, and 1 foot 6 inches high. What is the volume, in cubic feet, of the aquarium?

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50) Which of the following graphs shows the solution set for the inequality 2x > 4?

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